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Thank you for your interest in visiting Mt. Shasta Ski Park.  We will make every reasonable accommodation to ensure you have a pleasant visit.   For your convenience, there are designated parking spots in the upper parking lot adjacent to the walkway ramp.   If you have difficulty accessing any area, ask any Mt. Shasta Ski Park employee or call 530 926 8610 for assistance.


Mt. Shasta Ski Park allows the use of adaptive devices or other “manually-powered mobility aids” designed for use on the slopes.  Adaptive devices are any specialized equipment that has been designed and manufactured primarily for use by individuals who have disabilities, including without limitation mono skis, bi skis, outriggers and sit-skis.  The Mt. Shasta Ski Park Learning Center provides instruction and will arrange use of such mobility devices when requested in advance to ensure qualified instructors are available.

Mt. Shasta Ski Park has determined that the use of any power-driven devices or vehicles by the public, including other power-driven mobility devices used by individuals with mobility disabilities, would conflict with Mt. Shasta Ski Park’s safety requirements necessary for the reasonably safe operation of our on-slope activities.  These safety concerns include the use of devices on the slopes that expose the user and skiers/snowboarders to a safety hazard; collisions with downhill skiers and snowboarders; and the use of devices that may provide access into closed areas that pose avalanche hazards.  These safety concerns are compounded by our facility’s high volume of trail use.  These safety requirements are based on actual risks and are not intended to be discriminatory in any way.


When an event that is open to the public occurs, the following policy will be in effect.  The Mt. Shasta Ski Park has determined that while the use of Segways by individuals with mobility disabilities are permitted on designated bike trails, the use of ATV/UTV’s, golf carts or pickup trucks by the public is not permitted.  The use of these devices by the public would pose safety hazards to individuals using the trails for mountain biking and hiking given the size, weight dimensions, and speed of these devices; the high volume of traffic on the trails; and potential for collisions with other visitors; and the substantial risk of serious impacts to natural resources caused by these vehicles.


For Service animals to be permitted contact Guest Service 72 Hours in advance to schedule your service dog’s visit.  They are allowed in pedestrian areas UNLESS one of the two exceptions are met: (1) The animal is out of control and the animal’s handler does not take effective action to control it; or (2) The animal is not housebroken.   A service animal shall have a harness, leash, or other tether, unless either the handler is unable because of a disability to use a harness, leash, or other tether, or the use of a harness, leash, or other tether would interfere with the service animal’s safe, effective performance of work of tasks, in which case the service animal must be otherwise under the handler’s control (e.g. voice control, signals, or other effective means).  Service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.  Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not service animals for the purposes of this definition.  Miniature horses will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  The crime deterrent effects of an animal’s presence and the provision of emotional support, well-being, or companionship do not constitute work or tasks for the purposes of this definition.  Miniature horses are not permitted on lifts.  Because of the size and weight of miniature horses, their presence on a lift would create a safety hazard to the animal, its handler, employees and/or other guests.

For more information contact: thinksnow@skipark.com


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Join us this WINTER in one of the most spectacular settings on earth. The MT. SHASTA SKI PARK is located high on the flanks of mighty, 14,162’ high, Mt. Shasta. Discover skiing and snowboarding at one of California’s most unique resorts where you and your family can rest easy and enjoy an affordable winter adventure. The Mt. Shasta Ski Park is a full service resort which has something for everyone during both our day or night operations! Miles of trails cater to all skill levels thus providing fun for everyone in your entire family. The Park is a cruisers paradise and a powder hounds delight when Mother Nature pays a visit. Yet when nature is greedy our state of the art snowmaking system replenishes it with the fresh white stuff.

Trick riders and wannabes can access two terrain parks which feature all the hits, jibs, rails and a Super Pipe that guarantee to get the adrenaline rushing. For those new to winter activity, the park’s learning center programs are considered some of the finest in the industry. Adults, kids and parents alike love what we teach ‘em!

We’re so sure that you’ll have a great time at the MT. SHASTA SKI PARK that we even provide you with guarantees! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return your ticket within the first hour of your purchase and receive a full refund on your lift ticket! In addition, our “Guaranteed to Learn” Introduction Package Programs promise you will be an experienced snow rider in no time or the next set of lessons are on us! Our  100 foot Magic Carpet conveyor has been installed within the Learning Center teaching corral. Students simply step on to the conveyor that transports them effortlessly to the top of the learning slope. All the energy the students used to spend climbing uphill can now be applied to the ever increasing number of fun descents!

Always affordable and easy to get to. Traveling north or south on Interstate 5 take Exit 136 unto Hwy 89. On Hwy 89 drive 6 miles east, on summit turn left onto Ski Park Hwy and drive 7 miles to the resort.

SUMMER: Amidst Northern California’s endless forests and lofty mountains you will find a one of a kind alpine site to stage your private or corporate event. The Mt. Shasta Ski Park is located on a flank of glacier-laden Mount Shasta, with it’s lofty 14,000 feet summit the second highest peak in the Cascade Range. The panorama is dominated by the icy beauty of the “mountain” and then extends to include the magnificent silhouettes of the Warners, Mount Lassen, Castle Crags, Trinity Alps and Mount Eddy. During the summer even the climate has a special appeal at the ski park. While the Vale of California is sweltering in the full summer heat cool soothing mountain air descends the slopes of Mt. Shasta on a daily basis thus dropping the temperature just enough to bring you a much desired relief. Finally, our resort is ideally located midway between Sacramento and Portland and is easily accessible – only 19 miles from Interstate 5.

These unforgettable natural settings are echoed by the efficient layout of the resort’s base area and the human element presented by our staff who takes pride in providing outstanding customer service. All these complementary ingredients can be yours to stage your own unforgettable event. You and your party can rent a portion or our entire facility infrastructure and some or all of our outstanding services. Choose among such services as catering, chairlift rides or simply lazing on one of our patios.Whether you plan an indoor wedding with 100 guests or an outdoor concert with up to 5,000 visitors or any visitor capacity in-between we have the ideal facility to host your event.

Always affordable and easy to get to. Traveling north or south on Interstate 5 take Exit 136 unto Hwy 89. On Hwy 89 drive 6 miles east, on summit turn left into Ski Park Hwy and drive 7 miles to the resort.


  • Annual Skier Visits 160,000
  • Ski Season December -Mid- April
  • Hours of Operations – Sun-Wed (9-4), Thurs-Sat (9-8)
  • Base Elevation 5,500 Feet
  • Summit Elevation 6,890 Feet
  • Snowmaking 65 Percent – 277 acres
  • Total Skiable Area 425 Acres
  • Conventional Trails 32
  • Trails (acres) 170
  • Longest Run 1.75 Miles


  • Expert/Advanced 25 Percent
  • Intermediate 55 Percent
  • Beginner 20 Percent


  • Number of lifts Four
  • Triple Chair Three
  • Moving Carpet Lift
  • Magic Carpet Total Uphill Capacity/Hour 6,200


  • Terrain Parks Two
  • Tables
  • Rails, Boxes
  • Jumps


  • Average Annual Snowfall 275 Inches

Winter Temperatures

  • Daytime 45 Degrees
  • Nighttime Below 30 Degrees

Summer Temperatures

  • Daytime 75 Degrees
  • Nighttime 45 Degrees
  • More than 275 days of sunshine


  • Snow Phone 530-926-8686
  • Mount Shasta Ski Park Guest Services 530-926-8610
  • Ski and Snowboard School 530-926-8610 Ext 8619
  • Ski School Private Lesson Concierge 530-926-8610 Ext 8619
  • Groups 530-926-8610 Ext 8619



  • Ski Facility Capacity (guests/day) 2,600
  • Buildings (square feet) 17,000
  • Parking (acres) 7


  • Mt Shasta City 3,700
  • Siskiyou County 44,626 People



Dear Media Representative:
The Mt. Shasta Ski Park invites members of the media to visit our resort anytime of the year! An actual visit will allow media personnel to get a true feeling of what our resort is all about!

We’ll be happy to show you around our facility and would be delighted to answer all your questions. We will also provide complimentary lift tickets to all media personnel who visit the Mt. Shasta Ski Park on official assignment! To arrange for a visit and complimentary lift ticket(s) please use the following guidelines:

1. Please download a PDF MEDIA REQUEST FORM, complete and fax requests at least 24 hours in advance to our corporate office at 530-926-8607, or marketing@skipark.com. Note: If you do not provide 24 hour notice, we cannot guarantee tickets will be available. Please include the following information:

  • Detailed information about your assignment/story. It is best to include a letter of assignment from the publication or media outlet.
  • The date and time you plan to arrive.
  • A contact phone number or email for confirmation.
  • Please specify any special requests you have for your story

2. Once arranged, your ticket(s) will be available for pick-up at our Guest Services Office located in the slope-side building adjacent to the Central Resort Plaza!

We appreciate your efforts to help promote the MT. SHASTA SKI PARK!

For assistance anytime, contact:
Media & Public Relations
Email: marketing@skipark.com
Phone: 530-926-8600

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