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SINCE 1987, The Mt Shasta Race Association (MSRA) has been the umbrella organization for Mt. Shasta Alpine Education Foundation, the Master’s Program, and High School Racing. We strive to promote the benefits of a community oriented mountain lifestyle by building strong skiing and riding skills and fostering a lifelong passion for winter sports. Under our guidance, athletes learn to maintain high standards for personal, athletic and academic achievement. MSRA is committed to providing the highest quality coaching and training environment. Our teams emphasize safety, fundamentals, sportsmanship, discipline, camaraderie and fun while maintaining an affordable program that will lead each athlete to reach his or her potential.
Our Goals:

  1. Provide a program that emphasizes safety, fundamentals, teamwork, sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun.
  2. Promote focus, discipline, and perseverance among athletes for their continued success in school and life.
  3. Develop skiers and snowboarders who will enjoy the mountain environment their entire lives.
  4. Maintain an affordable, fundamental, and progressive program that integrates the philosophies of USSA.


High School Racing

Training and racing at Mt. Shasta for high school teams is under jurisdiction of the Mt. Shasta Race Association (MSRA).  MSRA provides hill space, training courses, race courses, and skill-specific coaching.  The goal of this partnership with MSRA is to provide a fun and safe alpine ski and snowboard experience.  The expertise and leadership provided by high school staff and the professional coaching by MSRA personnel is paramount to attain the following three goals:

  1. Provide students with a high school team experience and all of the benefits high school athletics can offer.
  2. Provide high school athletes with a safe and fulfilling competitive experience.
  3. Provide a pipeline for high school ski and snowboard athletes to further pursue ski and snowboard opportunities whether they wish to compete at the collegiate, USASA, FW, USSA, FIS levels, or are pursuing a career in the winter sports industry.

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