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At the MT. SHASTA SKI PARK we’re committed to the health of the environment. We want to make sure the way we do business helps sustain the natural resources that we depend on. That’s why we’re working to reduce our ecological footprint in everything we do at our resort. As part of our efforts to act environmentally responsible we encourage you to do your part and donate to the worthwhile efforts of the NATIONAL FOREST FOUNDATION!

The Mt. Shasta Ski Park supports and has adopted the National Ski Area Association’s “Sustainable Slopes” program.  This program is an environmental charter fostering our industry’s commitment and stewardship responsibility for the foot print we leave on our natural surroundings.

We have a full time environmental coordinator, known locally as Yoj this “EcoMan” is truly dedicatedand enthusiastic about his new position.


His focus this season is to enhance our recycling efforts.  The goal is to capture at least 80% of our recyclable food service waste through the use of strategically placed recycling bins, both around our base area and our employee work stations, and also through the use of education and encouragement of both the public and our work force.  So far we have seen success on all levels.

Through partnership developments with Big Foot Recycling of Redding, Mt. Shasta Opportunity Center, Patagonia, and a local bio diesel manufacturer, we are capturing our aluminum, glass, plastic, cardboard, and fry oil waste for recycling.  Guests have met our efforts with surprising success and our employees are very enthusiastic and excited to see what a difference they can make.  Yoj is also working on developing alliances with local and regional proactive environmental educational groups.

So when you see “EcoMan” Yoj in his “meadow green” uniform and backpack skiing down the mountain to the next recycling collection point for pickup, or on his way to the parking lot to collect the day’s stash of can’s and bottles that somehow manage to be left behind, stop and say hello and thank him for a job well done.  Unless, of course, he’s dumpster diving for treasure that might have been missed.  Then just give him a wave and a smile.

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