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Beyond the Boundaries Backcountry Cabin Rentals

Nestled at 7400’, the Beyond the Boundaries Rustic Cabins are situated above the Mt. Shasta Ski Park and in the shadow of the iconic 14,165’ Mt. Shasta.  From the cabins, the panoramic views are spectacular “as far as the eye can see” with sparkling night skies beyond your imagination.  The cabins are available year round; during the summer months; accessible by Mountain Bike or the now popular E-Mtn. bikes.  During the winter months, the ski and board touring terrain is a mixture of intermediate to advanced terrain; with open glade powder runs, old growth moss covered Shasta Fir tree shots, to steep chute lines. 

The trail to the cabins can begin at the base of the resort, or much easier trail can be accessed from the top lift on Coyote Butte during operating hours.  From the top of Coyote Butte Lift the trail is a gradual 1000’ elevation gains to the cabins on a well-marked skin track or pack snow trail.

The cabins offers a rustic cozy atmosphere; the cook cabin has all the basic amenities to include water, two burner cook stove, lights, wood stove with firewood, outside fire pit, cook & tableware,  pots, and pans.  The bunk cabin has a wood stove, propane/solar light; bunks w mattress sleeps six, books, cards, and board games are provided.  An outhouse is provided. 

We want you to have a great experience while staying at our cabins and touring the surrounding terrain.  Our guest only need to bring food, beverages, personal overnight amenities, back country gear, extra clothing, and a sleeping bag.  Good preparation will make a difference. The Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center Web Page (https://shastaavalanche.org) can provide with the latest avalanche and weather forecast.   There is good cell service at the cabin location and surrounding terrain.  We provide a gear shuttle service.

                                  “Know Before You Go and Tour at Your Own Risk”

Beyond the Boundaries Rate Schedule and Venues

 (Monday through Sunday – Privately Reserved)     

Rate: $ 175.00 per occupant per night, with a minimum of four occupants                 

$150.00 for each additional person no more than six occupants

Price includes a lift ticket for each night stay

Price includes gear shuttle for three or more occupants.

Discount rate for resort season pass holder  15% less per person          

 “On the Day Of” Guided Trip To Cabins (Optional Service)

“On The Day Of”, a staff guide will lead you or your group to the cabin; then assist you with settling in and orient you to the surrounding terrain.  Rate $350.00 

Trip Reservations System

Visit SkiPark.com clicks your way down to our Beyond the Boundaries Page, click on it for information and get started.  Make your reservation request and any questions you may have by contacting “Taylor@skipark.com”.  Make sure you leave your contact information, and Taylor will promptly get back to you.

Trips are reserved on a first come first serve basis. We will schedule in your dates.  At the time of booking a reservation, we will request a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total trip cost to hold your dates.  You will receive a confirmation for the dates you request.  We accept all major credit cards and cash.  When you arrive at the resort, we will have a staff member meet you to provide information and work out the logistics.   Feel free to contact us at any time for questions.

 Trip Deposit and Cancellation Policy

“Be Sure to Read and Understand the Cancellation Policy”

  • The 25% deposit on the cabin rental reservation is non-refundable. The balance is due 30 days prior to trip.  Payments can be made by credit card or cash.
  • We recognize things come up and want to make sure you can still salvage a trip. The deposit is nonrefundable, but is transferable, your 25% deposit may be used for another trip in the same season.


  • No Snow means “no snow” for touring. If we can tour, but can’t make powder turns we consider that snow.  If there is truly no snow; we will refund, less a 15% service fee on the deposit.
  • Weather, we cannot predict the weather, your unforeseen inconveniences, poor snow conditions, or avalanche hazards; no refund without first the option to reschedule.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What about taking a pet?

 A: Sorry no pets are allowed.

 A: Pets are allowed in the summer

Q:  What is “Check In/Check Out?”

A: The Check In / Out time is 12:00 noon.  You may ski the resort prior to taking off toward the cabin and also pre-stage your gear at the top of Coyote Lift and or North Saddle catch line trail.

A: We do maintain the cabins in the both winter and summer, however, we ask you to leave the cabin in good condition.

Q: Exactly where is the Beyond the Boundaries Backcountry Cabins?

A: The cabins are situated on the shoulder slope of Grey Butte on private land in Section 3.  You can use “Goggle Earth” and see the location of the cabins (41 20’ 40 46” North, 122 11’21.93” West) or click https://CalTopo.com; type in Mt. Shasta Ski Park, scroll north above “Red Hill” or as we refer to as Coyote Butte; note the switch back service road to the top of Grey Butte,  scroll to the coordinates.  (See Attached Map)

Q:  Are the routes to the cabins well marked and maintained?

A: Yes and no, we flag the route to the cabin along the skin trail and or packed trail.  However, under adverse weather conditions these markers can become difficult to follow.   We do provide a route map with GPS coordinates (41 20’ 40 46”N, 122 11’ 21.93”W) to find your way.  It is strongly suggested that you have map and compass skills.   Even a short trip with minimal elevation gains can be challenging in snowy weather with fresh snow.

During the summer follow the summer Service Road to the Cabins from the Resort

Q:  Do you recommend at guide for hire?

A: Depends; if you or anyone else in your party has NOT been in this area, or you or your party need to polish your backcountry skills we suggest the “On the Day of Guided Trip” to assist you.

A: No, during the summer months; e-bike/bike the road to the cabins

Q:  How long does it take to reach the Cabin?

A: Travel times will vary depending on fitness, group ability, and weather conditions.  A general rule of thumb is to estimate up to two (2) hours to reach the cabin.  You can see the cabin from the top of the Coyote Lift.

A: It takes one hour to ski down from the cabins to the base of the resort, same for bikes

Q:  What do we do for water?

A: We provide drinking water, and pots for melting snow for washing and cooking.

In the summer we provide both drinking, and non-potable water source.

Q:  What are the emergency procedures?

A: You have good cell phone/In-Reach/Spot coverage from the cabin and or surrounding terrain.  A “Handbook” is provided inside the cabin with specific procedures and numbers to call in the event of an emergency. The cabins is always accessible by either snowmobile or snow cat. Emergency response time is approximately 2 hours to the cabin and surrounding terrain.   When in doubt call 911; be calm, clear, and concise with your information and request for assistance.

Q:  Are snowmobiles allowed to access the cabin?

A: No, You may encounter snowmobiles in the area; however, they are discouraged from using this area.

Q:  Is this area on private land or public land?

A: Both, the cabin and touring terrain are primarily on private land.  The U.S. Forest Service lands and Timber Company lands adjoin Ski Park properties.

Q:  Are there avalanche hazards in the area?

A: Yes, we will provide with a map outlining the potential avalanche hazard zones, it’s your responsibility to know avalanche awareness.

Q:  What would you suggest I bring to either pack in or use the gear shuttle?

A: First, be compact, with a well fitted pack.  Set it up with your BC Pack separate from your Amenities Pack.

  • Sleeping bag rated to -20 degrees/Backpacker pillow
  • Personal Amenities (Tooth brush/paste, wipes, soap, chap stick, small towel, sun screen/hand cream)
  • Food and Beverages
  • Ski or Board Gear (Skins, poles, boots,
  • Small First Aid Kit “Mole Skin”, Aspirin, Band Aids, Medications )
  • Extra thermal layer top and bottom, extra pair socks
  • Wool Hat/Extra Gloves/Sun Glasses/Goggles
  • Backcountry Pack (Shovel/Beacon/Probe/Other – Garmin In-reach/Spot/Map)
  • Multi Tool/cell phone, solar charger
  • Matches/Sample Duct Tape/Headlamp/Candle
  • Booties/Slippers
  • Water Bottle/Metal Cup
  • Snacks and Meals/Juice/Coffee/Alcohol

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